Is there anything worse than a backed up toilet? Probably, BUT, we know here at Penny Plumbing that backed up toilets aren’t a pleasant experience. However, it happens to all of us. Usually it is a simple fix with our help. For a toilet to back up, returning water and other less desirable substances to the interior of your home, something has to stop the toilet from draining properly.

Often, this is a clog or some other foreign object stuck in the J trap of the toilet. Clogs block the sewer pipe – sometimes gradually, over the course of time, and other times, all at once. Clogs can happen within any plumbing system, whether it’s your kitchen sink, shower tub, or toilet drain. Regardless of what kind of back up it is, our drain cleaning services will alleviate the problem.
If you are tempted to use a chemical drain cleaner/opener in a clogged toilet, don’t forget they are caustic and can cause chemical burns to the eyes or skin. Use only products specifically marked as safe for use with porcelain, and follow the manufacturer’s directions exactly. Never mix any chemical agents and never plunge a toilet after you have put drain cleaner in the bowl. Notify the plumber if you have used any of these chemical agents as they can cause burns.
If you notice your toilet has not been flushing normally, you can call us and we can fix your backed up toilet, whether you live in Ontario, Pomona, or any of the other cities listed below. Toilet clog removal is something you shouldn’t have to deal with, so let our friendly plumbers take care of it for you!