How Tree Roots Can Clog And Break Clay Sewer Drains And Pipes

It’s hard for some people to believe, but one of the most prominent problems that we find with clogged or broken sewer drains has to do with tree roots.  Here at Penny Plumbing we have experienced the damage that can be caused to pipes and drains by tree roots and know exactly how roots can enter a drain if it is completely enclosed.  The problem is that often, and especially if your sewer drain is made of clay, it is not completely enclosed and may have cracks, slips or breakages that allow roots to find their way in.  Removing drain tree roots can be a very important step in properly maintaining your sewer line and keeping waste water flowing properly.

Methods For Removing Tree Roots From Drains And Pipes
Proper drain cleaning for sewer pipes that have tree root problems is not a very difficult job using today’s plumbing technology.  The most common way to remove tree roots from sewer drain pipes is by using a drain snake, or auger, to cut roots from the drains.  A drain snaking rooter uses a rotating auger at the end of a long flexible cable to slice roots away and temporarily solve your root problem.  We say “temporarily” because in many cases these roots can and will grow back, so it’s a good idea to have your drain snaked once a year in order to clear newly grown roots.

Clogged Line Repair
By identifying exactly how much the tree roots have affected your drains, we can then decide what the best course of action is and how to repair the problem with the least amount of cost and damage. Call Penny Plumbing today to schedule an appointment and we will help get things working like new at your home.