Highly Trained Professionals At Penny Plumbing we have always understood that our greatest asset is our people. We provide skilled and courteous professionals with training and equipment needed to meet our customer’s needs. By providing a desirable workplace, Penny Plumbing is able to hire and retain top professionals to service our customers year after year.

Integrity The true measure of a company is their commitment to honesty and hard work. Penny Plumbing was founded on those exact principles and we maintain them as our guiding light in everything we do. Constantly setting high standards of service and a strong attention to detail, we are able to do every job with integrity.

Commitment From providing 24 hour customer service to proactively looking for the most cost effective solutions to our clients’ needs, Penny Plumbing continues to maintain a commitment to excellence. Working hard to develop and maintain long term relationships with our customers requires a commitment from the entire Penny Plumbing team and high standards every day.