Penny Plumbing provides cutting edge sewer camera inspection technology that can easily determine the source of your sewer problem. Using our state of the art sewer inspection technology, a fiber optic camera is fed through the entire length of your sewer line to easily see what the problem is.
Free Sewer Camera Inspections With Repairs
Our cost for a sewer camera inspection of any length is $250.00; however, if repairs are needed and we provide the repairs, the cost of the sewer camera inspection is deducted from the repair costs making it free.
The Most Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems Include:

    • Root Intrusion – Tree roots are drawn to sewer lines as they provide a source of nutrient rich water. If you have a leak in your sewer line, over time the roots will grow towards the leak and eventually completely infiltrate the sewer line and can completely block it causing sewage to backup into your house causing sanitary issues. Root intrusion is the most common cause of sewer line problems and can be solved with hydro jetting.
    • Grease & Oils – Cooking grease and oils when poured down drains in your home can build up on the walls of your sewer line over time and cause backups. This is why cooking grease and oils should never be disposed of down the drains in your home.
    • Stress Cracks & Breakage – If your existing sewer line is exposed to weights loads because it runs under your driveway or under loose ground that can sag over time, this can cause breaks and cracking that can lead to major sewage backups.

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